INTERNET CHAMPIONS is a hardcore/casual World of Warcraft mythic raiding guild (est. 2004) currently residing on the US Server of Bleeding Hollow. For Battle for Azeroth, we will be a 20 man "Mythic" Guild focused on PvE progression using a 3 day/ 9 hours a week raid schedule.

We are a hardcore/casual guild, which means everyone in our guild stresses preparation, communication and teamwork in an effort to meet our overall guild progression goals while doing so in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and with a raid schedule that normal people can make without killing themselves.

Current News

We Are Recruiting!

We are currently recruiting any dps class, for our Heroic and Mythic Progression in Uldir. We don't really care about class or your gear level, if you're the right person for us we'll make it work however we can.

We realize there are tons of guilds out there recruiting and choosing the right guild for you is important, so we'd just like to highlight a few reasons why we're different.

If you have any questions about us, feel free to contact Gig (Gig#1661), Cinnaa (Cinnaa#1561) or Silver (Silver#1492)and we'll answer anything you'd like to know about us. You can also join our Discord at the link above and contact any officer.

About Internet Champions

The Basics:

Internet Champions is a mature Mythic raiding guild full of adult raiders, who raid World of Warcraft as a hobby, not a job. With a 9 hour per week raid week we want to get as much done in as little time as possible, so we expect everyone in our guild to come prepared and be actively involved in raid progression discussions. The vast majority of our guild is in their late 20's and come from extensive heroic raiding backgrounds. Our leadership team has WoW experience dating back to Vanilla Molten Core and strives to provide a great atmosphere and a respectful environment for all guild members.

How to Apply

Before you begin your application we ask that you familiarize yourself with our guild. Please read this page in its entirety, as it will inform you about what we look for in members, and what we will expect from you. Should you have any questions about recruitment, please feel free to private message any officer on our Discord (link in menu).

Please realize that we take recruiting very seriously; we want to add good, smart people who are competent MMO players, and who care about the guild and the people in it. Unfortunately that is a low percentage of the overall population of your average MMO server; therefore, we are very selective during the recruiting process. We are not elitists whatsoever, we simply don't want to raid with douchebags and subsequently we take our time adding people.

Our Trial Process

Every trial in our guild is voted upon by our current raiding members. Once you join us for a "trial", we make a forum thread about you in private and we talk about your performance and how you act in our raids. Each current raiding member can vote on you and we will accept or deny you based on the # of votes. Sometimes this is faster than the normal "2 week trial" and sometimes its longer, it all depends on the person and how they've fit in and performed.


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 OUR PROCESS: If you're still interested in joining us, please post an app using our Google Doc and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.